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05 November 2009 @ 12:11 pm
I've been writing in this journal for the past few months but all I've really managed to do is babble about my day or something I've been thinking about so I guess its about time I introduced myself properly. I'm Adele (or Del, Delly or Della), I'm 22 years old and currently I'm a full time English Lang/Lit student who also puts in 22 hours a week (at least) at the local supermarket. I live with my boyfriend, who last week quit his job after almost a year of being subject to abuse, intimidation and humiliation by his line manager. So, for the moment, I'm supporting us both, not easy on a Maintenance loan and minimum wage. We also have an ever-expanding brood of animals which to date consists of: one dog, two cats, two rabbits and two hamsters. The first thing I would do if we bought our own house is take home more pets.

I love spending time with family and friends and one of the things I enjoy most is planning a celebration, whether its something big like Christmas or something smaller like watching Comic Relief. I'm very good at taking a theme and running with it and I'm always on the look out for new places to buy costumes and props from (at a reasonable price obviously, I'm the sole wage earner now!) I really want to set up my own part-time cake decorating business but I seriously lack in talent and start-up funds so I guess that will have to be something for another day. I love food and I dream about having a fully kitted out kitchen and stocked up cupboards to play with.

I have a lot of dreams and ambitions which I struggle to prioritise. Getting to the top of the Bejeweled Blitz leader-board is just as important to me as handing in an assessment on time. Obviously this is a messed up attitude and Uni work is way more important than a computer game but whichever one I choose to sacrifice I always end up feeling conflicted. My life always goes great until I start trying to plan things. I don't react well to pressure at all. I'm resigned to the fact that I will always need to eat less and exercise more.

I guess that's me really, if you think I sound interesting or would like to know anything else then comment or send me a message. I'm always interested in having conversations and getting to know people.
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03 November 2009 @ 12:34 am
there was an article in the Metro this morning about a guy who took photos of decomposing albatross chicks with their stomachs stuffed full of plastic. the mother albatross' pick up plastic bottle caps and cigarette lighters from the polluted ocean thinking they are food and take them back to their young who eat them. tens of thousands of albatross chicks on this island die every year from choking and starvation because of the human race and our waste. thing is, the island inhabited by the albatross is about two thousand miles from any kind of civilization. TWO THOUSAND MILES!! it makes me feel really shitty about my lifestyle. especially because one of the chicks looks like it has half a kinder surprise capsule in its belly. i throw about ten of those things away each week! these beautiful animals are dying as a direct result of the human race, its terrifying the effect we cab have on such a remote existence.

the photos are at www.chrisjordan.com
02 November 2009 @ 01:24 am
so I haven't posted in a couple days... things have kind of gone up in the air here the last couple days, but i guess i'll save that for a friends only post. halloween was ok, we made plenty of food but the whole excitement factor wasn't there because of a few things that went down in the run up to it. i got to carve my 1st pumpkin though! and made some "zombie bat" cupcakes which i think will become a halloween tradition in our house. i just need to work on the recipe.

i'm going to a town takeover tomorrow night. basically, loads of students from my uni are having a street party in the city centre to protest against rising tuition fees and the fact that students get a bad rep. were gonna show the public what we actually do for our city!

oh! and NaNoWriMo started today! i havn't done any writing for it yet though. to be honest i don't think I'll get much done anyway. oh well, for some reason writing this is making me stress out at myself so ill just leave it here. night all!
28 October 2009 @ 12:45 am
my post last night (that I actually uploaded this morning because the internet failed me) was a bit on the pessimistic side, i just wanted to remember that there are some good things to look forward to at the moment. tomorrow my best friend is coming to stay with us for four whole days! she lives about 45 minutes away from us so i don't get to see her that often, about once a week seems to be the current trend. anyway, she's coming for Halloween and we're planning a big buffet and movie night for me, her, Ryan (bf) and Ryan's niece, Abbie (who's also coming to stay). We've also got one of Ryan's friends coming tomorrow so I'm preparing sandwiches and pasta for the five of us. Oh yeh, and beer!

There's also the possibility of us adding to our animal family in the next few weeks. A few months back a friend at work adopted five Roborovski hamsters from Pets at Home. They lived together peacefully for a few weeks and then started fighting with each other. Two of them were killed by the others so when my friend noticed that two of the remaining hamsters were still fighting he separated them leaving a group of two and one solitary hamster. About a week later, when cleaning out the group of two he lifted the lid off their nest and saw about six little pink squirmy babies! When he adopted the original hamsters he'd been assured they were all male so obviously he was quite shocked! Anyway, the plan is for us to take three or four of the babies when they're able to be rehomed in about four weeks. I'm looking forward to it. Especially as our own Roborovski is about 18 months old now. It was so sad losing both our Syrians in the space of a week. The landing where we kept them seemed so empty and wrong without a hammy, it made it so much harder to process their deaths. Hopefully, if we do take these little furbabes then when Niko (our Roborovski) eventually passes we'll have something to soften the blow.

I guess life isn't all that bad. For instance, once i post this entry I get to cuddle up with a gorgeous man and cutie doogie and watch X Files on DVD! Tomorrow I get to carve pumpkins with the people I love and spend the evening surrounded by friends. Who could complain about that?
I skipped uni again today. I know, shitty right? I know exactly why as well. Because i left it to the last minute to do my work and then realised i should have something major prepared only half an hour before I'm due to leave. I should just kiss post-grad medicine goodbye right now. It'd be hard enough getting in with an English Lang/Lit degree but theres no way I'm getting a 2:1. Not when I've barely cracked a book in four weeks. I suck so much at being a student.

I just wish I'd put more thought into my future earlier on. I wish i hadn't rushed to settle down. More than all that, i just wish i had the discipline to study. I signed up for NaNoWriMo without even thinking about all the essays I'm going to have due.

I need a success. My life is so full of failure right now and I'm adopting such a fatalistic view of life at the minute. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day.
26 October 2009 @ 01:22 am
I just wanted to start this post off by saying how great it is to be able to post from somewhere other than a computer. In my previous entry I mentioned that I'd got myself a new phone and downloaded an app that let me post to LJ. Its great! I always get writing inspiration when I'm in bed about to sleep and this way I can just pick up my phone and put up an entry really easily. Hopefully it'll make me a more active user.

Anyways... tonight the boy and I watched John Tucker Must Die and it made me wish I was back at school. Not my high school though, I want to go to an American high school. I know you're not supposed to believe everything you see on the telly but the images I have of American high schools are always lively and spirited. Obviously all institutions have their dark sides but in comparison, our schools here in the UK seem really dull and apathetic. I'm only going on my own experiences though. I guess university life is quite similar to the American school establishments but at 18, all students seem to just want to get wasted, for example all the societies organise bar crawls. I guess I just wish I'd had that sort of educational environment growing up. Oh well, I probably just came off as really naive there.

What else? I've been watching True Blood since it started. I'm kind if liking it but all the Twilight similarities distract me a bit. Like Sookie being able to read minds but not Bill's and obviously the inter-species lurve between vampire and human. Oh and its not come out in the episodes so far but I'm guessing Sam's a werewolf. So possible mythic creature love triangle? I think vampire stories are becoming a bit overused at the moment anyway. The decomposing fox on the opening credits makes me feel weird as well. Like a mixture of sadness, disgust and creepy outy.

I'm going to try and post some pics of the new ham-baby soon, Rorry, or Rory, we haven't decided which variation yet.

I just realised. I've written this really long entry on my phone and if it doesn't post then I'm going to be so annoyed! What the hoo, night all!
25 October 2009 @ 01:43 am
I got a new phone! One with apps, and there's an LJ app which lets you post entries on the go. I'm just testing it but I won't find out til morning if its worked... oh well, goodnight. I'm writing from bed!
my problems with my co-workers aren't really that bad i guess. i know a lot of people have horrendous working conditions, but i just can't help complaining about mine! the main thing that annoys me about my workplace is that all the people i work with are only out for themselves. don't get me wrong they're not bad people at all but, i wouldn't really count any of them amongst my friends. i just think its impossible to maintain anything other than a professional relationship with these people.

for instance, one woman who i work with has told me on many occasions not to let the others take advantage of me and tell me what to do. she said that if they want me to do a job then they should ask me if i want to do it instead of just telling me to do it, (to be honest i respond better to instruction rather than choice but, what the hell!) this is all fair and good until she wants me to do something and, as you can guess, she just tells me that i'll have to cover her jobs because she'd rather so something else.

taking a break has gotten to be so stressful that most of the time i'd rather just work straight through my shift. its partly my problem because i'm kind of anal, preferring to have a routine and take my break at the same time every night. i do, however, think its a bit out of order when, even though i take my break at 19:30 every night, several staff take their break at 19:25 whilst i'm busy with customers which means i have to wait another half an hour to sit down. it sounds so petty but these people act like they're my friends and then just fuck me about like that.

all that together with the general bitching, backstabbing, whining, emotional vampirism, laziness, skiving, power trips and malicious gossiping i end each shift feeling absolutely drained not only physically and mentally. i just want to go to work, do my job and come home but my colleagues drive me crazy!
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10 September 2009 @ 09:24 pm
There's something about the word "bitch" that I really don't like. Actually its not the word itself, I can use it quite freely when I'm referring to some of my closest friends (in a loving way obviously). What I don't like is when a guy calls a girl a bitch, either to her face or behind her back, and actually means to cause insult. For the record, I don't like name calling full stop between either of the sexes but in that context, using the word bitch really just riles me. I guess I just find it a bit misogynist because, as with slut and whore, there isn't really a masculine equivalent. Well, not one that is as degrading anyway. Bitch is an insult which is pretty much exclusively used to describe a woman and when its leveled at me maliciously by any guy it feels like a slap in the face.

Some guy called me a bitch today... can you tell?
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09 September 2009 @ 10:23 pm
I woke up today with an awful headache, I tend to get them from time to time. Sort of a thudding pain which stretches from the front of my head to the back and is always on one side. It kinda makes it hard to see out of one eye and it gets worse if I move my head or stand up too quickly. I don't know if they're migraines or not but they really fuck my day up. It could be down to the fact that I let myself get slowly dehydrated. All I drink is tea these days, and my diets shot to shit to. I really need to sort myself out but I've been saying that for years... It makes me wonder what kind of wake up call I'll need to actually sort my body out. I used to think that if I put on an obscene amount of weight it'd force me to act but I've put on well over a stone in about eighteen months so I guess that's not the answer. I don't even know how to take care of myself properly anymore. A few years ago I was into the whole making fresh meals, take your vitamins and be active sort of thing but now I just really can't be bothered. I've slipped into bad habits and just can't motivate myself to break them. I pay £30 a month for a gym membership and I haven't been since february! I'm hopeless.
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